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Free Attorney Consultation and Case Evaluation?

For a free attorney consultation and evaluation of a potential cervical cancer malpractice claim, contact The Law Office of Joseph A. Hernandez, P.C., toll free at (866) 461-9400. For a free consultation, you may also email us at Please make sure to include the following information:
  • your name
  • your address and a telephone number where we can reach you
  • the age of the person diagnosed with cervical cancer
  • the date the cervical cancer was diagnosed
  • the stage and grade of the cancer - if you do not know the stage and grade, please let us know whether the doctors indicate that the cancer was localized or had advanced beyond the cervix
  • whether there was a history of regular screening such as pelvic examinations, Pap smears and HPV tests - and if so, what the results were
  • the number of years treating with the primary care physician before the cervical cancer was diagnosed, and how often the primary care physician was seen
  • how the cervical cancer was detected - for example, a change in doctors, new symptoms, etc.
  • a description of the treatment received since the diagnosis
  • any complications that have resulted from the treatment
We will contact you by email or phone after receiving your email. There is no charge for the consultation.

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Please be sure to include a telephone number where we can call you for additional details.

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